Grow your scholar base with thousands of quality, trained and certified players 

Custom curriculums that identify only the best players for your guild

Good scholars are hard to find 🔎

A social blast can easily get you new players. Question is, can they help your guild achieve greatness?
Most guilds struggle to scale because of these issues:

🥚 Quantity vs Quality

Too many applicants, too much work to sort through them

📚 Lack of education

New scholars have limited experience with P2E games or strategies

😰 Effort required

Interviews, Twitter campaigns and multiple shout-outs required

We find & train the best scholars, so you don't have to

Accelerating and optimising how you recruit top-tier scholars for your guilds

1. Gameplay Courses

Scholars from your community and ours get drilled on the basic gameplay and advance strategies to perform on P2E games.

2. Custom Guild Curriculum

We'll work with you to develop a curriculum custom-made for your guild to ensure we qualify scholars that will produce results.

3. Graduate Recruitment

Only the highest potential scholars will complete certification and receive access to apply to join your growing gaming guild.

4. Scholar Shortlist

Have your pick from the creme de la creme of top scholars that are well-versed with game meta and mechanics.

Ready to raise your team's standards?

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